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Take advantage of scale with our big data platform that serves as the foundational layer for all our offerings.


Experience the advantage of domain-rich solutions curated by experts


Deep dive into your data for insights using our advanced analytics modules

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Flexible Deployment Options

Whether you are looking for Saas, or managed service, or on-premise deployment, we have a solution for you. So get onboarded now!

Big Data Enabled

Looking for the B word? Yes! our platform is big data enabled from ground up! So go on, bring your data

Rich Interconnections

Gels seamlessly with your in-house information systems, plus, provides connectors to bring external data into your world

Beautiful Interfaces

Neat minimalist graphical layouts with intuitive cues and menus, and zero distractions to boost productivity

Advanced Visualizations

Plethora of pleasing visualizations with drill-down and drill-through capabilities all available in a few clicks and at scale

Elegant Data Management Tools

Easy data ingestion, and blending at scale for the business analyst

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CPG and Retail firms

We provide analytics and data management services to  CPG & Retail companies in areas such as enhancing customer understanding, improving customer support, managing supply chain risks and costs while improving service levels.

Retail and Commercial Banks

Our banking customers work with us in domain intensive areas such as Risk Capitalization, Basel 2, Model Monitoring and Stress Testing,  Assisted Analytics and Documentation, Data Quality, and Data Governance

Investment Management firms

Our investment management clients seek solutions in areas such as portfolio surveillance, risk management, compliance analytics, and related data management.

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Process Science

The science of understanding what goes on in an enterprise to create value for customers, given the “Customer Science” objectives.

Consumer Science

The science of understanding what drives customers to behave the way they do

Computational Science

The science of understanding and controlling what goes on “under-the-hood” when we use computers to answer questions raised above

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The Team that is making this happen

Hear it from our Customers!

Cerrid Solution has provided me and my team an excellent support for our ongoing research projects. They have been very efficient in data collection and data processing. It appears that Cerrid Solution has a dedicated team. They understand the client requirements and take necessary and timely steps to satisfy their clients’ need.


Shantanu D Professor / University of Ontario

Without the help of Cerrid Solutions it would have been nearly impossible to accomplish the things we have achieved in the Quantitative Mortgage Research landscape in such a short time frame.

Investment Manager Managing Director / US Based Investment Management Firm
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hedge funds: an armchair view

Hedge funds are a fascinating area of work. At Cerrid, the subject interests us to the point, that we actually make a living out of providing specialized hedge fund analytics support to marque customers in the US! But more on that later… In this post and subsequent ones, we would like to give an armchair […]

Hedge Fund Analytics – Part 2

A review style introduction to how hedge funds differ from traditional asset allocation tools and the multi-dimensional risks associated with them.

Hedge Fund Analytics: Part 1

Introduction Over the last decade or so, Hedge funds have garnered public attention largely due to news headlines reporting spectacular wins and losses for some notable funds. They also represent a significant phenomenon in the asset management space fueled by the dramatic growth in the number of hedge funds. Institutional investors such as pension plans, […]

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